Our office

Law office JUDr. Ladislav Kolačkovský has been operating in the legal services market for several years. We rely primarily on personal approach to clients and expertise. The core mission of our office is the creation of legal documents and representation In court, arbitration or administrative proceedings in which your interests and claims are enforced.

Risk assessment

Our first step is always to evaluate the chances of a successful outcome And all risks. Since you have not only the risk of default but also the lack of creditworthiness of the counterparty for the duration of the dispute, such an assessment is the basis.




Our agenda

Our activities can be divided into the following areas.

  • A common agenda that needs a wide range of business and civil law clients, we have many years of experience working with tradesmen and large corporations.
  • We can offer representation in criminal proceedings, we provide long-term services in the field ex officio, so we know in detail the legal procedures of bodies involved in criminal proceedings.
  • Social security and labor law (disputes over invalidity and retirement pensions, terminations, organizational changes, payable debts), Here we also represent long-term employees of small and large companies as well as employers from small to multinational corporations, so we know the procedures in detail at all levels of business.
  • We provide exclusive services in the field of heraldic or (Wappenrecht, Laws of Heraldry), it is a legal branch that, although based on history, is fully up to date. In particular, the trademark law analyzes the existing features (coats of arms, logos, symbols) or their designs, both by natural and legal persons, assessing their correctness, among other things, in relation to heraldry as ancillary historical science, but also to civic and special author and stamp Law, including broader aspects (property rights, inheritance, registration and protection of related rights, etc.)
  • We also provide services to state and self-government organizations in the long run, and we have previous work experience from these institutions (tenders, grants from European development funds, state administration and self-government agenda).

Authorized entity within the meaning of the consumer protection law for out-of-court settlement, Disputes between a lawyer and a client are the Czech Bar Association, www.cak.cz